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Natural Factors Low Fodmap Relief Fibre

Natural Factors Low Fodmap Relief Fibre

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Reliefiber®️ Powder

If you stick to a low-FODMAP diet, you may have trouble consuming enough fiber. Get help reaching your daily fiber goals with Low FODMAP Reliefiber! This formula contains Sunfiber®, one of the world’s most researched soluble fibers. Naturally sourced from organic guar beans, Sunfiber is a highly soluble dietary fiber and prebiotic that is certified low FODMAP and organic!

  • Promotes balanced digestive health by helping with occasional constipation and diarrhea without causing the typical bloating or gas of other fibers*
  • May reduce the glycemic index of foods*
  • Promotes healthy weight management*
  • Tasteless, odorless, and easy to mix - also Tropical Fruit Flavour
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