Total Body Transformation




Medical Benefits:
  • Manage diabetes and stabilize cholesterol
  • Supervision and support provided by a team of Certified Nurse, Naturopath & Coaches
Our Products:
  • Over 65 delicious high protein FDA approved products
  • Snacks and meals that are easy to integrate into
  • your daily life, and will never make you feel deprived!
  • Gluten free, lactose free and soy free
Flexible Program:
  • Personalized programming to support individual needs
  • Balanced approach permits fruit and cheese
  • Exercise is permitted and encouraged
And More
  • Approximative savings of 20% on products, based on our competitors resale price*
  • 6 weeks weight loss program
  • Complete re-education program
  • Flexible options to choose from during Phase 1
  • Large variety of tasty meals, soups, snacks, drinks and breakfast solutions
  • Essential supervised weekly follow-ups


Our mission is to provide our customers and distributors with the highest quality protein available on the market today. The protein must be tasty, nourishing and satisfying. Following the program diligently will result in sustained weight loss.


The daily energy intake from the diet including carbohydrates. Sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc., lipids (fatty acids) found in vegetable oils and animal fats and proteins in particular, vegetable (algae, eg lenses) or animal (meat, fish).

When the body receives more than it spends, it stores a portion of the intake as fat in adipose tissue. However, the metabolism is very different depending on the individual plays an important role, and some people go so easily become obese than others.

The two major factors traditionally involved in the accumulation of fat are consumption and energy expenditure. In this method of analysis, maintaining a healthy weight is a matter of energy accounting. The average daily energy intake through diet usually includes; carbohydrates such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, etc., lipids (fatty acids) found in vegetable oils, animal fats, and also in plant proteins (seaweed, lentils), and animal proteins (meat, fish). When our body receives more energy than it spends, it transforms part of the energy and stores it as fat in the adipose tissues. Metabolism plays an important role in the storage of energy, and as everyone’s metabolism is different, some people are more likely to become obese than others.


Phase 1 : OPTION 1, 2, 3 – Phase 1 of the Pro Energy weight loss program has 3 Options to respond better to your individual needs and to help you achieve your weight loss goals. These options are an excellent method to adapt the program to your lifestyle, your state of health or even help you correct your metabolic activity. This phase is followed until you have reached 80-90% of your desired weight loss.

Phase 2 : TRANSITION – Congratulations! All your efforts have now been rewarded, you have reached your 80 to 90% weight loss goal! During Phase 2, our team of Certified Nurses and Counsellors will provide you with all of the tools necessary to organize your new healthy lifestyle during this transition!

Phase 3 : MAINTENANCE – Be comfortable in your own skin! Phase 3 of the Pro Energy weight loss program is the beginning of a new way of living. Now is the time to put your knowledge to work and integrate our high quality products in your normal daily nutrition. With the help of the Pro Energy team you’ll have the confidence you need to keep the weight OFF!

Not all diets are created equal. At Hygeia Health Market we incorporate cheese, fruit and exercise into your new healthy lifestyle.