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Fibre Gourmet Light Pasta

Fibre Gourmet Light Pasta

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The classic dish you know and love is now better for your waistline. This Italian classic has the same color and texture as traditional pasta but with 48% fewer calories and tons of fiber!

Fiber Gourmet makes irrestitable low carb, low calorie pasta made of resistant starch fiber so that you can enjoy the same scrumptious pasta taste and texture, without worrying about the carbs!

You have a lot less reason to worry about because Fiber Gourmet pasta are made using only natural ingredients, with no artificial flavours or colours.

There's plenty of reasons that make Fiber Gourmet so special: 

  • High in resistant starch fiber (up to 25g, compared to 2g in regular pasta)
  • Very low in calories 
  • Totally low carb
  • Perfect for weight loss or weight management
  • Diabetic friendly
  • Low Glycemic index
  • Kosher certified
  • Non-GMO verified*
  • Certified Vegan*
  • Tastes like real pasta!
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