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Cannanda CB-2 Hemp Seed Oil Vegan Capsules

Cannanda CB-2 Hemp Seed Oil Vegan Capsules

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Receive the same benefits as the liquid version of our cold-pressed, organic Cannanda CB2® Hemp Seed Oil, now in a convenient and easy to take carageenan-free vegan softgel.

Similar to the liquid version, the star of this multi-award-winning, physician-formulated product is a terpene flavour blend called CB2 Wellness featuring beta-caryophyllene, a compound known to activate your body’s CB2 receptors (which are one of the largest components within a critical body system often referred to as the “master regulator of balance”).

This terpene blend is then infused into our certified-organic, Canadian-grown, cold-pressed, raw hemp seed oil—arguably the best plant-based, non-marine choice for essential fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids).

Why? Normally, plant-based omega-3s are inefficiently converted to their most-beneficial form, EPA. However, hemp seeds are one of the only sources of a unique omega-3 called SDA, which is much more efficiently turned into EPA (the anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acid).

This world-famous oil also provides the building-blocks for your body to produce its own healing endocannabinoids. All contained within a convenient softgel format.

While most people use this for pain, sleep issues, and anxiety, the beauty of CB2 oil is that it follows your body’s lead, meaning the benefits you experience are exactly what YOUR body needs. By increasing the amount of CB2 receptors in specific areas of your body, it’s YOUR body that instructs Cannanda CB2® where to bind to.

Give it a try and find out how your body might benefit!

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