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Beat The Wheat Maple Raisin Tarts

Beat The Wheat Maple Raisin Tarts

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These gluten-free Muskoka Maple Raisin Butter Tarts have been called Muskoka’s best by some patrons that don’t even have a gluten sensitivity. Not too runny and not overcooked. The filling of these Canadian classics is packed with authentic maple flavour. The pastry is crisp and flaky. These crowd-pleasers are sure to be a hit.

All gluten-free butter tarts come in packages of six and are hermetically sealed for freshness.

All of our products are made on-premise in a Gluten and Nut-free facility. Beat the Wheat manufactures food products so that celiac, autism, I.B.S., wheat allergies, and gluten-free individuals can enjoy safely. Manufacturing practices include ingredient quality controls, full product traceability, in-house gluten testing, standardized allergen, and sanitation cleaning procedures.

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