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Nutrimax Beef Soup Base 270 G

Nutrimax Beef Soup Base 270 G

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Ingredients:  Hydrolyzed soy protein, sea salt, potato starch, organic cane sugar, corn syrup solids, guar gum, canola oil, dextrose, autolyzed yeast extract, dehydrated vegetables (onions, garlic, brocoli, cabbage, tomatoes (silicon dioxide)), caramel, white pepper, bay leaf oil, beta-carotene, onion oil.

Directions – Instant Broth: Combine 5mL (1tsp) of mix with 250mL (8 fl oz) of boiling water, stirring.  Complete Soup: Combine 20mL (4 tsp) of mix with 1-L (35 fl oz) of boiling water, stirring.  Bring back to boil.  Add vegetables and pasta as desired and allow to simmer until tender.  Enjoy!

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